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Get Started

How does it work?

Our API allows you to implement image recognition
technology within your web or mobile applications.

Create your photo database:

  • 1. Upload your product or media images.
  • 2. Save your configurations.
  • 3. Export your image IDs to a CSV file.

Create a sample application:

  • 1. Get the code.
  • 2. Read the documentation.
  • 3. Create your own application.
  • 4. Get your individual ID number and the API key.
  • 5. Take advantage of the first free scans!

How do I properly prepare photos for image recognition?

  • - Photos must show a 2D surface or image.
  • - Image size up to 2 MB.
  • - An Ideal resolution of 640 x 480 px.
  • - JPG format.
  • - Images should be cropped, and display only necessary elements with no background. If removing the background is unavoidable, use a flat white background.

What can I do with API?

  • - 1:1 object recognition – send us a picture and we will give you its ID from your database. Learn more about the possible ways of implementing
  • - Similar images recognition – our API can show you a few other similar results from your database. See how you can use it in your app. Learn more here
  • - Multiple object recognition – your user takes one photo and we will recognize all images which can be seen in this particular photo. Learn more here